What is the Family Travel Journal?

FTJ1 Cover March 2017 (Medium) The whole concept of The Family Travel Journal is to get your family looking, learning, laughing and talking together on holiday.

The Family Travel Journal is not an activity book to keep the kids quiet. Quite the opposite in fact!

Packed full of travel games, quizzes and hilarious conversation starters, this book is perfect for giving the kids a break from their screens.

Turn the boredom, stress and delays of travelling into positive family time. Also ideal for restaurants and family campfire chats!

Reduce Screen Time

The handbag-friendly Family Travel Journal helps children to switch off their screens and take more notice of their surroundings, to think more, engage more and chat more. And not just chat about your holiday destination but about themselves and their family.

Ideal for Travelling

The Family Travel Journal encourages observation, conversation and thinking but above all — laughing! It is structured to dip in and out of whenever families have a spare moment together. Ideal for: airports, planes, trains, ferries, long car journeys, restaurants and camp fire chats.

Quizzes and Travel Games

Packed with quizzes, tasks, travel games, conversation starters and hilarious questionnaires, the Family Travel Journal enables tired/stressed parents to engage their children positively at those times and places where they can often struggle to keep bored children entertained and contained.
20161122_111152-mediumWhen filled-in and completed, the Family Travel Journal becomes not just a fantastic record of your family holiday but a little snapshot of your family at that time. So the more you all share and write down the more memories you will save.

“A brilliant, fun way to make the most of travelling with your family.”